Sachin Kapur

Thank you for the sheer amount of awesomeness on getting this project executed in truly record time. Can we apply for a Guiness Book of World records for this 🙂

– Sachin Kapur – Co-Founder & CMO – Nearbuy

Anukool Kumar

Payal and Viraj are two absolute creative geniuses I’ve ever come across. Working with Adapt Studios was a phenomenal experience, they effortlessly churn out brilliant ideas and make the entire process look like a cake walk.From the first email contact to the finished product, they have made sure the entire production process is nothing but a big party, they’ve been hands-on, dedicated, creative and patient to give us a fabulous time in Mumbai. From chilling sessions at their uber cool work place to mad drinking nights,the duo have without a doubt become my ‘go to’ people. Working with them has been a crazy fun-filled journey and I know there’s a lot more in the Adapt store!

– Anukool KumarHead- strategic alliances and brand partnershipsGroupon India

Michele Jaret

Working with Payal and Viraj was a great experience. They are true professionals that understand the intricacies of the production process, as well as the creative vision. We absolutely could not have done our project in Sri Lanka without them. It was a true success and an unforgettable experience!

– Michele Jaret, 360i

Sandra Levin

I recently had the opportunity to work with Adapt Studios and what a pleasure it was. Their line producers were on it! From pre-production through post, they went above and beyond our expectations. Their ability to adapt (no pun intended) was seamless. Our Creative Agency gave Adapt Studios near impossible deadlines and budget restrictions. They pulled off miracles to make it happen and keep us (Agency)happy We had major creative changes the day before the shoot, Adapt quickly secured new locations AND talent based on our requests. They worked round’ the clock to get the job done. Being an American Producer, shooting half way around the world was a bit nerve-racking.However, once we met with Adapt Studios in the flesh, I knew I was in good hands! Thank you Adapt Studios. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with you again.

-Sandra Levin, Independent Producer

Jonathan Bregel

It’s hard for me to put into words the amount of respect and admiration I have for Adapt Studios. They are truly family to us and I’d like to think that we will all be working together until the end. The Adapt team has been by Variable’s side since day 1 when they held our hands and miraculously managed dozens of festival goers, crew, and locations as we shot the Holi Festival 2 years ago in India. Due to their selfless and collaborative spirits, that specific film has gone on to receive over 3.4 million hits on Vimeo and was single-handedly the one film that put our company on the map.

I am a firm believer that successes like that one do not happen unless there is a deeper connection and a tremendous communication infastructure present throughout the creative and production process- and that is far from easy considering the fact that Variable is based in NYC and Adapt Studios is based in India. The bottom line is that Adapt was there, and they made it happen. Now, 2 years later, Adapt is still right there by our sides, fighting with love to create content that can touch people on a deeper, heart-felt level. Having just wrapped up another successful collaboration with Adapt on a two week long commercial campaign for the Coca-Cola brand ‘Fuze Tea’ in Sri-Lanka, I can now say with tremendous confidence that these guys/gals know how to run a show and make us ‘stressed-out’ Americans feel at ease. What was asked of Adapt by Variable and 360i was a monumental responsibility and would intimidate the biggest of production companies here in the United States- needless to say, not only did Adapt pull it off, they did so in a seamless fashion that granted me (and others) the time to disconnect each day after the shoot and enjoy the beautiful surroundings throughout Sri-Lanka- all of which was Adapt Studio’s goal from the get-go. For me, as a director/cinematographer, I can’t say how valuable that time to disconnect and breathe after a long day’s shoot in another country is. It’s truly worth it’s weight in gold considering all the unnecessary stressors one may face as a result of new and unfamiliar surroundings. The truth is that I could write on for days about Variable’s experiences with Adapt Studios however I must sum it up in the essence of time…so in summary, what I value and love most about the team at Adapt Studios is the fact that they are all extremely genuine and selfless people; to the core. They want to make great work, and they want to help you obtain your vision. “Ego” is not a word I understand when I am in their presence- and as a ‘creative individual’ who seeks authenticity for a living, I must say, that these types of pure human characteristics are quite rare to find within an industry filled with so much fear and negativity. This is where the light takes over the darkness and true joy & creativity can reign supreme, as they once did. Lastly, working with Adapt Studios reminds me of why I got into this industry in the first place; to work with incredible and passionate people who share a common love for the art of visual communication.

– Jonathan Bregel, Creative Director & Partner, Variable